Turning back time; a history of Mr Brain’s faggots

Mr Brain’s has been a firm favourite with British families for an astonishing 90 years. With this in mind, we’ve dusted off the history books to bring you a brief history of our beloved pork faggots!


Mr Brain’s faggots are a traditional British dish, originating from the South West and Midlands. Traditionally, our faggots are made from cuts of pork and liver minced together to bring an all-round pork flavour. A variety of herbs and bread crumbs are added to enrich the flavour and bring further texture. Our faggots are normally served with creamy mash and mushy peas, finished with a generous serving of our famous West Country gravy.

Faggots also go by the name “Ducks” or “Savoury Ducks”, a name stemming from the Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Lancashire regions. The first mention in history of faggots, under the alias “Savoury Ducks” was mentioned in the Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser on Saturday 3rd June 1843; the article told of an edacious man devouring 20 pork faggots in one sitting! Eight years later, the faggot was added into the Oxford Dictionary by Henry Mayhew in 1851.

For many years, faggots were only popular in their regions of origin, until the pork faggot made its rise to stardom and entered into the traditional UK meals’ hall of fame during World War Two. Due to the great value of pork faggots, the entire United Kingdom saw its families choosing Mr Brain’s pork faggots as a regular evening meal.

It’s been 70 years since WW2 and our faggots continue to be a traditional meal at the heart of British culture with Mr Brain’s being served up regularly across the nation at dinner time. After 90 years of keeping the tradition alive, Mr Brain’s continues to deliver a timeless piece of British culture, creating delicious pork faggots in delicious West Country sauce.

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