Mr Brain's serves up delicious summer desserts

Mr Brain’s has been feeding families year round since 1925, and with British summer already here, and the school holidays right on our doorstep we decided to take a look at some of Britain’s most loved desserts that, even today, simply sum up summer!

First on our list is the traditional English trifle. Created in 1587, this dessert is a family favourite, with its many layers of custard, sponge cake, fruit, sherry and cream. In fact, a version of the trifle that was made with dry cake used to be called the Tipsy Hedgehog.

Another fabulously fruity dessert that was born around the same time as Mr Brain’s is pineapple upside down cake. This ingenious cake was originally made in a skillet cake pan, which meant the cooks could add the fruit and then add cake batter on top before placing it in the fire. When the cake was cooked, it was then flipped over to display the pretty fruit. The idea of adding pineapple to the cake came after one of James Dole’s engineers invented a machine that cut the pineapple into neat rings.

Lastly, the pudding that we feel is a summer must, is of course ice cream. Whether it’s making your own or chasing the ice cream van down the road, nothing says summer better than a delicious ice cream. This 1700s dessert is perfect after a day at the beach, and we can’t think of a better way to end a day filled with nothing but sun, surf and sand… except to swap your traditional fish and chips for Mr Brains, chips, mushy peas and ice cream!

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