Mr Brain’s dips a hand into the sweetie jar

As a British family favourite that has been gracing our dinner tables since 1925, Mr Brain’s is taking a look into other national delicacies that have stood the test of time. This month we’re talking traditional sweet treats that still tickle your taste buds to this day.

Take Jelly Babies for example, which were first introduced by British sweet maker Bassett’s as ‘Peace Babies’ to mark the end of the First World War. Word has it that fans used to throw the later renamed Jelly Babies at the Beatles after it was revealed that they were George Harrison’s favourites. In 1899, Bassett’s stumbled across another British classic when salesman Charlie Thomson accidentally dropped a tray of sweet samples at the feet of a client. The client loved the kaleidoscope of colours and shapes and Liquorice Allsorts were promptly developed and put on our shelves.

Everyone loves a sugary delight at Christmas, and no one more so than British company Swizzels-Matlow who first produced Loveheart sweets as Christmas cracker fillers in the 1950s. Apparently the only person ever to have received personalised Lovehearts was Diana, Princess of Wales, who was given a packet with ‘Prince William’ and ‘Prince Harry’ stamped on each sweet.

Finally, we couldn’t go without a mention to a Mr Brain’s favourite – the good old British stick of rock. This seaside speciality became popular in the 1800s and we can’t go to Blackpool without buying a stick to follow a hearty meal of Mr Brain’s faggots, chips and peas!

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