Happy Easter from Mr Brain’s!

The team at Mr Brain’s would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter! To celebrate Easter this year we thought we would investigate Easter treats and traditions that are still continuing today.

Hot Cross Buns had to come first... 

Hot Cross Buns have always been a popular at Easter, however during the time of Elizabeth 1st the London Clerk of Markets forbade the sale of Hot Cross Buns (can you believe it!) and other spiced breads, except at burials, on Good Friday and at Christmas. Superstitions surrounding this Easter delight say that if they are baked and served on Good Friday they will not spoil during the following year and if you share one it will ensure your friendship for that year.

The Easter Bunny was first mentioned in literature in 1682 and originates from the German Lutherans, where he used to play the role of a judge to evaluate whether children were good or bad at the start of Eastertide. By carrying coloured eggs and sweets to the homes of children as well he became a type of Easter Santa.

And not forgetting Easter Eggs!

Easter eggs were originally dyed and painted chicken eggs, which were described in Edward I's household accounts as "18 pence for 450 eggs to be boiled and dyed or covered with gold leaf and distributed to the Royal household”. Chocolate eggs can be dated back to the very first Cadbury’s Easter egg, which was produced in 1875. At Mr Brain’s, we definitely prefer the chocolate version, especially for our annual Easter egg hunt!

We hope you all have a fantastic Easter – try not to eat too much chocolate after your Mr Brain’s faggots!

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