90th Anniversary

Happy 90th Anniversary Mr Brain’s!

This year, Mr Brain’s is celebrating his 90th anniversary as Britain’s favourite faggot and he’s inviting you to join in the party.

It’s fair to say Mr Brain’s has been busy over the last few years. We’ve given our iconic packaging a 21st century revamp, campaigned to free the use of the word “Faggot” on Facebook, and even found our very own “Faggot Family” after a UK wide search.

Since Mr Brain’s first started making family meals in 1925, he has seen a world war; HRH Queen Elizabeth II come to the throne, decimalisation and the invention of television, computers and the internet. The butcher from Bristol has certainly seen a lot of change over 90 years, but one thing that still stands the test of time is Mr Brain’s delicious, and original, recipe for West Country gravy and faggots, remaining a firm family favourite.

To mark Mr Brain’s 90th Anniversary, why not share your favourite memory of Mr Brain’s faggots on our on Facebook and Twitter pages? And if you, a friend or relative are turning 90 this year, why don’t you send us a photo of your own 90th birthday celebration and we will send you a Mr Brain’s shopping bag or tea towel*.

*for the first 90 photos received.

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